6 top cars in class with high resale value

Honda Accord: Best in the midsize segment
Honda Accord
  • MSRP: $21,680
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 27 mpg
    • Highway - 36 mpg

Car buyers may bemoan that yet another Honda has made this list, but for consumers who care about depreciation looking for a midsize car made in the U.S., they need look no further than the 2013 Honda Accord.

Winning the top spot for midsize car from ALG and Kelly Blue Book, the 2.4-liter, four-cylinder Accord was given a 58.4 percent resale value after 36 months by KBB. The 2013 Accord has a new exterior and interior, increased safety, and not-too-shabby fuel economy, according to KBB. ALG rated the Accord's resale value at 56.6 percent.

Aiming to create a sporty but sophisticated sedan, the Accord comes equipped with a new front grille and sleek profile. Standard in the Accord are alloy wheels and a driver's expanded-view mirror.

The interior of this midsize car also has lots of upgrades such as the rearview camera that comes standard in all models, the 8-inch screen that can display incoming text messages and music information, and the Eco Assist that will alert you when your driving style is wasting gas.


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