12 'meanest' cars environmentally in 2013

Some cars are environmental terrorists.

Here are 12 of the "meanest" cars as ranked by, using its Green Score index. analyzes vehicles with a measure that incorporates tailpipe emissions, gas mileage and gas emissions that contribute to climate change. The scale goes from zero to 100, with a lower score indicating a car with more environmental impact.

Miles per gallon, specifications and the Green Score are from The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is from the carmaker or

Chevrolet G2500 Express/GMC G2500 Savana (cargo conversion)

Model starting MSRP: $27,255 (Chevrolet Express)/$24,750 (GMC Savana)
Specifications: 6-liter eight-cylinder engine with automatic transmission

10 mpg city/15 mpg highway
Green Score: 18


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