Holiday driving

Millions of Americans will be headed over the rivers and through the woods this holiday season.

If you'll be among them check out our Holiday Road Trip special section for ideas to make your trip safe, comfortable and inexpensive.

  • 15 ways to save on gas
    While $4 a gallon gas is gone -- at least for now -- the money going into our tanks still makes drivers flinch and is important when it comes to planning a road trip.
  • Getting your car ready for the road
    Ready to hit the road and get away from it all? Make sure your car is ready for the journey, too.
  • 7 DIY car maintenance tips
    You may be going on vacation, but your car has plenty of work to do.
  • What to pack in an emergency road kit
    Don't wait until you break down to think about what you wish you had with you.
  • How far you can drive on a full tank
    See this fun and informative interactive view of how far you can drive on a tank of gas in your car and how much it will cost.



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