2009 Fall Auto Guide
Great deals ahead on 'orphan' models

4. Kia Spectra

Entry-level sedan, and hatchback wagon
Starting price: $14,245

Orphan cause: Discontinued

Kia is replacing its best-selling model, the Kia Spectra, with the all-new Kia Forte, even though Spectra sales have been good in a slow U.S. market overall. Kia dropped the Spectra name because it didn't mean much to people, said Michael Sprague, the company's vice president of marketing. Kia is offering a $3,000 cash rebate on the Spectra, or zero-percent financing plus $600 cash.

5. Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabrio

Luxury convertible
Starting price: $56,975
Orphan cause: Discontinued

An all-new E-Class convertible will replace the Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabrio. The entire CLK class -- positioned between the entry-level C-Class and the mid-level E-Class -- has been discontinued. The CLK Coupes are virtually gone off dealer lots but the Cabrio remains on sale until spring 2010. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz is offering 1.9 percent financing on the CLK Cabrio.

6. Pontiac Vibe

Small four-door hatchback
Starting price: $16,735
Orphan cause: Discontinued/GM closing Pontiac

GM is phasing out Pontiac entirely by the end of 2010. The Pontiac Vibe is an early casualty. The Pontiac Vibe is a twin to the Toyota Matrix. Toyota and GM jointly developed them to save costs. Under its bankruptcy reorganization, GM will stop building the Pontiac Vibe in August 2009, and end its partnership with Toyota. Currently, GM is offering a $2,500 cash rebate.

7. Saab 9-7X

Luxury SUV
Starting price: $43,390
Orphan cause: GM selling Saab

The Saab 9-7X has three strikes against it, in terms of a future. Even before GM went bankrupt, the 9-7X was due to be replaced soon by an all-new crossover. Second, the 9-7X, based on the Chevy TrailBlazer, doesn't fit the Saab brand. Third, GM intends to sell Saab to Koenigsegg, a Swedish sports carmaker. GM is offering $1,000 cash on the 9-7X.

8. Saturn Astra

Small two- or three-door hatchback
Starting price: $16,495
Orphan cause: Discontinued/ GM selling Saturn and spinning off Opel

The Saturn Astra is a rebadged version of the Opel Astra, from Germany. GM is dropping it in part because importing it is too expensive. In addition, as part of GM's bankruptcy, GM is selling the Saturn brand. GM is also looking for a partner to take over Opel. While supplies last, GM is offering $2,000 off the Astra.

9. Volvo S60

Sporty luxury sedan
Starting price: $33,625
Orphan cause: Discontinued/Ford selling Volvo

Volvo is discontinuing the S60 sedan after a nine-year run. At the same time, parent Ford is shopping the Volvo brand, with no takers after more than a year on the market. As part of the sell-down of the S60, Volvo has been advertising $7,500 off on its Web site. S60 sales were down 44 percent in the first half, but up 60 percent in June.



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