Car maintenance: Don't skip these 8 moves

Replace other fluids in your car
Replace other fluids in your car © Chatchai Kritsetsakul/

In addition to keeping your oil changed, check and occasionally replace other fluids.

"Your owners manual will tell you the proper intervals for checking your coolant and brake, transmission and other fluids," Brocoff says. "Changing your transmission fluid costs about $160 including parts and labor, but if you don't do it, transmission repairs are among the top five most expensive repairs."

According to one car-information website, changing your transmission fluid costs $150 to $200, depending on your location.

Angie's List experts say a transmission replacement can cost from $1,500 to $4,000. Indeed, one car-information website says the average cost of a transmission replacement is $1,900, but costs vary widely according to the type of car. For instance, a transmission replacement on a luxury car can go as high as $6,000.

Woroch says changing fluids in your car costs just a few dollars, especially if you look for coupons for local deals on oil, coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid changes, as well as other services.


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