6 busted fuel-economy myths to save on gas

Only small cars get good gas mileage
Only small cars get good gas mileage © Alistair Scott/

Myth: To get good fuel economy, you need a small car.

You don't have to squeeze into a subcompact car to visit the pump less often. Although it seems logical, "The smaller car is not always the most energy-efficient," Boundy says.

Size simply doesn't matter as much anymore. Instead, Boundy says a lot of what makes a car fuel-efficient is under the hood, in the materials it's made of or the way its body is designed.

For example, newer, standard-size vehicles have advanced technologies such as hybrid drivetrains, diesel engines, turbochargers and low-rolling resistance tires that allow them to compete on the fuel-efficiency charts, according to

How to save: Compare the fuel economy of vehicles that meet all of your needs. You can save thousands of dollars over the life of the vehicle without compromising on size, performance, safety or quality, Boundy says.


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