5 bad cars in bumper-to-bumper traffic

GMC Yukon
GMC Yukon © General Motors
  • Price: $44,445
  • Gas mileage:
    • City - 15
    • Highway - 21

Large SUVs are ideally suited for big families, but if you are taking this vehicle back and forth to work each day in rush-hour traffic, it will not only drain your bank account, it will test your patience as you try to maneuver in and out of traffic. Even the most passive drivers will run into a situation where they will have to dart out of the way to avoid an accident, and the GMC Yukon isn't going to cut it.

Granted, you can feel safe in this large SUV if an accident occurs. But for commuting, you may want to find an alternative.

That's not to say the Yukon doesn't have attributes that SUV enthusiasts will applaud, such as third-row seating, the available touch-screen navigation system and the optional rear-vision camera system.

Still want to buy the Yukon? Make sure it comes equipped with the available Autoride real-time damping system that is engineered to give you a smooth ride with precise control, which can come in handy on less-than-smooth roads.


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