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9 great family-friendly car accessories

Auto reversing windows
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More than 10 million children and adults have been injured by power windows in cars, according to a recent study by Harris Interactive for the nonprofit KidsAndCars.org. While cars manufactured after Oct. 1, 2010, are required to have window switches that must be pulled up to close the window, many 2010 model year cars (and some early 2011 models) still have the rocker-type design that could be bumped by a child, causing it to close and potentially injuring or killing him if part of his body becomes trapped. Even the pull-up style switches can pose a danger if another occupant closes the window without realizing a fellow occupant is in danger, such as the driver closing a rear window. Fortunately, combating this danger is easy: Look for auto-reversing windows (sometimes called "pinch-protection") which automatically open when they sense an obstruction, similar to modern garage doors.




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