7 ways to get bottom dollar for a used car

Leave out your car's best perks ... and worst flaws
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An ad that leaves out key details about your car, either good or bad, is pretty much guaranteed to sabotage your sale price.

Kovach says listing creature comforts and extras such as a high-end stereo or a sunroof is a key way to set your car apart from the pack.

But positive details aren't the only thing you'll want to include. Honesty about your car's defects is always the best policy, says Kovach.

Nothing says "deal breaker" quite like a potential buyer coming to see your car and finding you left a serious defect, such as a large dent or a broken gauge, out of your ad, Kovach says. You want to put it in the ad.

"One of the main reasons people want to buy from a private seller is because they feel like they can trust them, that it's another person and you can look them in the eye," Kovach says. "So if you break that trust by not being honest, you can lose your buyer pretty quickly."

Lastly, if you've lowered your car's price to take into account its imperfections, you'll want to specify what they are so potential customers don't assume the worst and rule your car out simply based on its abnormally low price, Kovach says.




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