2010 Spring Auto Guide
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7 new cars for your 'spring fling'

Fiat 500
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Why it's worth a fling: It's cute, cute, cute.
Starting price: $15,000 range (estimated)
On sale: December 2010

Italy's Fiat is now Chrysler's parent company. The two automakers have big plans to share future models over the next five years, but U.S. sales of the Fiat 500 will start in December 2010. So far, it's the only Fiat-branded model headed for the U.S. market. Fiat launched the newest generation of the mini car in 2007 in other world markets and has largely lived down its "Fix It Again, Tony" reputation with good quality and distinctive styling. Americans who remember notoriously unreliable Fiats from the 1980s will be a harder sell.




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