7 fun cars that make sense

Buick LaCrosse CXL
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Buick LaCrosse CXL

Price: $30,305

Fuel Economy: 19 mpg city/30 mpg highway

Relative to its retail price, insurance is a bargain for the only domestic car on this list. With its 182-horsepower, 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine and six-speed, driver-shiftable automatic transmission, the LaCrosse is a fun car that delivers peppy acceleration.

Consumer Reports rates its reliability as "good." Well-equipped, it features six air bags, full power accessories, dual-zone climate control and a seven-speaker audio system with CD player.

Accommodating five adults in comfort, it is a full-size sedan that may not handle like a sports car, but delivers top-notch road manners and ample control.




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