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5 great ways to find roadside assistance

Affinity clubs have a full menu of benefits
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Affinity clubs have a full menu of benefits

These fast-growing roadside assistance programs offer a full menu of services. You can also upgrade your membership and add more features, such as unlimited towing.

Take the Better World Club. Its basic roadside assistance program costs $56, and includes towing up to five miles. But you also can add on assistance for bicycles, motorcycles and RVs. Members get extra perks like eco-travel services and discounts on hybrid car rentals, says Mitch Rofsky, president of Better World.

AARP's roadside assistance program has more than 1 million members. The standard first-year membership for couples is $46, which includes towing up to five miles, lock-out services and even some legal defense reimbursement.

"Affinity clubs have generally been in the roadside assistance area for some time," says Reed. "They're better at servicing."




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