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5 great ways to find roadside assistance

Insurers offer a range of roadside services
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Insurers offer a range of roadside services

Many insurers also offer good, cheap roadside assistance. They vary widely in price and coverage, so it pays to do your homework.

For example, State Farm's roadside assistance program is only $6 per year and includes basic lockout and towing service. "It's worth the price," says State Farm spokesman Dick Luedke. "Any of our customers can get it."

Other insurers with roadside assistance include Progressive, Nationwide and Farmers. GEICO's service is only $12 annually for lockout, emergency towing and other services. Allstate Motor Club is more comprehensive, offering five plans beginning at $48 per year for basic services.

There is a downside, though. Consumer Reports notes that using the coverage may affect your car insurance rates, since some insurers track assistance calls. Also, some plans like State Farm's reimburse you for towing expenses rather than offer a free toll-free number to call for help.




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