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5 best bargain cars in a down economy

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The Mazda5 isn't quite as big as the typical minivan; call it a "mini minivan." But this smallness gives it some clear benefits over its full-size minivan brethren when it comes to being a bargain car. For one thing, it gets better gas mileage than a typical minivan -- 21 city/27 highway mpg with an automatic transmission.

For another, its base asking price is lower than any minivan on the market. For $19,670, you get the base car model with an automatic transmission, 17-inch alloy wheels, stability control, a six-speaker CD stereo and two sliding doors.

While the Mazda5 doesn't have the cavernous interior of a full-size minivan, it seats six passengers and has enough cargo flexibility to pack in 44.4 cubic feet worth of stuff, thanks to second- and third-row seats that fold flat.




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