2010 Spring Auto Guide
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10 top new cars for summer road trips

Volkswagen Touareg
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Type: Crossover
Family-friendly feature: Added safety features
Pricing: $41,650 (2010 model)
On sale: Now

An all-new generation of the Touareg for 2011 models replace the first generation which debuted in 2003. The new Touareg gets a Volvo-worthy list of new safety features, including cruise control that can stop the car completely if it senses the closing distance to the car ahead is diminishing too fast; lane-departure warning and blind spot monitoring; headlights paired with a camera that can "see" oncoming traffic and dim the high beams; and a panoramic view of the area immediately outside the car, using four cameras to help avoid hitting people or objects at parking speed. The 2011 Touareg also gets its first hybrid version.




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