2009 Winter Auto Guide
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10 hottest-selling cars of 2009

Lincoln MKS
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Sales: 13,961
Percent change: +56.4 percent
Starting price: $41,695
Why it's a winner: Styling, EcoBoost engine (optional)

The Lincoln MKS is the brand's flagship model. The Lincoln MKS debuted in August 2008, which inflates comparisons between 2009 sales and 2008. Still, the new Lincoln is holding its own in the mid-luxury segment, which is dominated by the BMW 5-Series. This year, the 2010 Lincoln MKS gets an optional engine that parent Ford calls "EcoBoost." The turbocharged, six-cylinder EcoBoost engine generates as much power as a V-8, with no gas mileage penalty versus the standard V-6.




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