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Media still from the TV show 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' | Heidi Gutman/Getty Images

How to be a millionaire (Really!)

You can do this! The trick is to save like you mean it and follow these other tips. Read more

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America's big disconnect on saving

Bankrate finds we may think we're doing better with saving than we actually are.Read more

9 saving, investing tips for all

No matter what age you are, you should save and invest. These tips are for everyone.Read more

4 risky places to use a debit card

If you insert or swipe your debit card at these spots, your money could get swiped.Read more

Credit Union Checking Survey

Bankrate surveyed fees, yields and minimums at 50 of the largest credit unions.Read more

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Max your checking

Young couple holding hands walking in city | HeroImages/Getty Images

The payoff of high-yield checking

High-yield checking accounts earn outsize interest, usually from smaller institutions.

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Gili Malinsky

A 5% APY checking account? Yes! But mind the fine print

A Michigan-based bank is offering an exceptionally high-yield checking account to all U.S. savers, but you'll have to meet some tall monthly requirements.  ... Read more

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