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Entrepreneur quiz

Youíre sitting there at your desk, mad at your boss or bored with your job (or both) and thinking itís time to strike out on your own. But before you take that entrepreneurial leap, youíd better be sure you have the right stuff to run your own show.

Take this quiz to determine if youíre the next Bill Gates or whether you should just grin and bear it at your day job.
  1. The hobby you would be more likely to embrace is:

    Mountain biking, after I take a workshop on it.
    BASE jumping, where you illegally jump (with a parachute) off buildings, cliffs, the Golden Gate Bridge or just about anything else.
  2. When it comes to making tough choices:

    I'm not indecisive, but I know enough to say when I'm wrong.
    My way isnít just the right way, itís the only way.
  3. Your work style can best be described as:

    I like working alone. Itís not hard for me to sit down and get wrapped up in a project. I also like the challenge of juggling several different tasks and getting things done.
    A procrastinator who waits until the last possible moment. Iím not good about working by myself. I tend to waste time cruising the Internet or something. I seldom complete assignments on time unless my boss is constantly harping on me to get things done.
  4. Which statement more accurately describes how you arrive at decisions:

    I like to think things through. Iím pretty methodical about drawing up a list of pros and cons and acting accordingly.
    Most of the time I go with my gut. I believe in quick, decisive action. Better to do something than to spend a lot of time analyzing.
  5. One of your workers whoís been on board since day one is no longer as productive as he once was. Itís impacting sales and morale at the company. You would:

    Talk with him and determine what the problem is. Maybe he needs training or counseling or just needs out. I wonít shirk from firing him if thatís the best solution for the company.
    Pretend not to notice and maybe this problem will just go away on its own. Or maybe Iíll sit down and talk to him and hear his side and that will be enough to turn things around.
  6. You've tried to market a product several different ways and at several different price points. Nothingís worked. Your next idea is to:

    Ask some business friends for advice.
    Buy a book on marketing and try to figure something out.
  7. You've come up with a dynamite idea for a business, but canít say youíre enthused about actually carrying it out. You would:

    Walk away. If you donít have the passion, youíll never finish what you set out to do.
    Of course I would do it regardless. Itís such a great idea that it will make me millions.


-- Posted: July 10, 2001

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