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Kay Bell has been a journalist her entire professional life, beginning as a reporter on a West Texas daily newspaper, detouring into constituent communications for a U.S. representative and subsequently as a Ways and Means Committee staff member, before segueing into corporate communications for a couple of Fortune 500 companies in Washington, D.C., and then coming full circle back to her consumer writing roots as Bankrate's tax specialist.
A native Texan, Kay returned to her home state in 2005 and started her Austin-based editorial services company, Write Here! In addition to that enterprise and her Bankrate duties, Kay writes about financial matters in a monthly column for austinwoman magazine. Her other clients include a major mutual fund company, as well as national and local business associations. She also keeps a separate eye on the IRS at her other tax blog, Don't Mess With Taxes.
In November, Kay was appointed to a three-year term on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a federal advisory committee established under the authority of the Department of the Treasury to work with the IRS in finding ways to improve the tax agency's customer service.
Kay earned her B.A. in journalism, with a history minor, from Texas Tech University. When she's not writing, she and her husband enjoy bird-watching in the Texas Hill Country and beyond.
Recent Eye on the IRS Topics

California re-ups home tax credit

California reinstituted and expanded its homebuyer tax credit in the hopes of reviving its housing industry.

Health taxes, take 2

The health care reform tax provision tour continues. Here are five more new laws that show up in 2013.

Health care reform taxes

It's a huge bill with lots of tax provisions. Here are some of the highlights.

State refunds on hold

Tax refunds are being held hostage by budget woes in several states.

Property tax battles

Homeowners say bills are too high, but some cities are shutting off services.

Taxes and divorce

Even when your marriage is on the rocks, you need to think about taxes, too.

Haiti donation deadline looms

If you want to count a contribution to Haitian earthquake relief efforts on your 2009 tax return, donate by Feb. 28.

Tax tragedy in Texas

Tax protesters quickly claimed Austin, Texas, suicide pilot as one of their own, but they're wrong.

Refund loans take a hit

There's one bit of good news in all the otherwise bad economic reports.

Tax-driven job prospects

One of the best careers in the coming decade will be in the accounting sector.

Let the IRS figure your tax

It's true. Uncle Sam will do some of your tax filing work for you if you ask.

Triple-check deposit directions

If you send the IRS the wrong account information, it could be lost forever.

New rules for Haiti contributions

Donations made in 2010 to earthquake efforts will be deductible on 2009 returns.
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