Dear Driving for Dollars,
A few years ago, I co-signed a car loan with my now ex-boyfriend. For a long time, he’s been missing payments. My name is on the title with his. Can I take the car from him?
— Amber

Dear Amber,
Since both your names are on the title, technically you both own the car. If your name is listed first, you may be able to get his name removed, which would make you the full owner and give you the right to have full possession of the car. Contact your local department of motor vehicles to see what your state’s policy is. If they can do it, you’ll also need to contact the lender and get the car loan rewritten in your name only.

If it’s not possible and you can make the payments, talk to your ex and suggest that he sign over full ownership to you. He’ll benefit because his missed payments will no longer be affecting his credit. Contact the lender first and ask them their procedure for doing this, drawing up any necessary paperwork first. Have the paperwork with you when you talk to your ex so he doesn’t have an opportunity to change his mind.

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