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What to do if tax refund is wrong

You got a check that's less, or more, than you expected. Here's how you deal with it. Read more

What tax bracket are you in? Most taxpayers see their income fall into several. And even when you find yourself in the top 39.6% bracket, that doesn't mean you're paying Uncle Sam nearly 40% of your income. Learn more here.
View the current tax brackets for single, married or head of household filings.
Check out the individual income tax rates and earnings to which they apply for 2014.
A FREE gross pay calculator and other net paycheck calculators to help consumers determine the actual take home amount.
Most states tax wage and salary income. Most also collect sales taxes. At more local levels, personal and real property are taxed. Learn about your state's tax levies at Bankrate's state tax rates page.
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Whether you work at an employer's office or run your own business, you'll have to report your earnings. Find the various tax breaks you're entitled to, along with ways to contribute to a retirement plan to prepare for life after work.
If you paid someone to care for a dependent, this special credit could cut your tax bill.
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Looking for relief from state income taxes? Just move to one of these states.
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The alternative minimum tax is a parallel system. See whether you need to worry about it. 
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Wager in the office pool? The IRS will have a hard time collecting on winning bets.
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Most taxpayers are able to take advantage of at least some of the myriad tax credits and tax deductions available in our tax system. What's the difference? Both can reduce your tax bill, but one is much better than the other. Find out which tax breaks you're entitled to claim - and don't shortchange yourself!
If you paid someone to care for a dependent, this special credit could cut your tax bill.
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You may be able to claim exemptions for your stepchildren from Mexico. Here's how.
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For lower-income filers, money put away for retirement could cut today's tax bill.
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You have to meet certain conditions to get a break from the IRS on a short sale.
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Find out tax-favored ways to make the most of work benefits, save for retirement and plan the estate you'll leave to your family.
You won't owe taxes if you pay fees from your IRA. In fact, there may be other tax breaks. 
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For lower-income filers, money put away for retirement could cut today's tax bill.
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Whether an IRA is the best tax move depends on your financial situation.
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Retirement plans need extra attention during tax season. Here's a look at Roth IRAs.
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There are different ways to make money. Uncle Sam generally wants a cut of all types of earnings. Investment earnings, however, generally are taxed at lower rates. Uncle Sam, however, has a heart. When your investments go bad, you get a tax break. And then there's the biggest tax break of all – the capital gains exclusion pertaining to your home investment.
Military household gets special exception to land a tax break on their home sale.
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Beneficiaries will owe tax when the bond is redeemed, but students may get a break.
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You can carry over losses on certain capital assets forever, but it's not simple.
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If you've been a patient investor, Uncle Sam gives you a break at tax time.
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Stay on top of the latest developments in the tax world.

Up to 85% of a widow's Social Security survivors benefits could be taxed

Dear Tax Talk, My spouse is deceased. I will be getting his Social Security when I turn 65. I am still working and plan on retiring at age 70. Will I have to claim my husband's Social Security on my taxes for 2016? -- Mona