Mortgage Rate Trend Index Down: May 21, 2015

Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

  • Michael Becker

    Michael Becker

    Branch manager, Sierra Pacific Mortgage, White Marsh, Maryland

    With mortgage rates hovering at six-month highs, yet unable to break out of their current range, I think the market is setting up for a rally, which will result in lower rates in the coming week.

  • Shaun Guerrero

    Shaun Guerrero

    Sales manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage, Silverdale, Washington

    Ride the wave -- improvement on the way!

    I went to my little sister's wedding this weekend. It was full of emotion and good times. If you take out the good times part, that has pretty much been the interest rate environment over the last week. Except for last Friday, we had a great rally there. Monday we gave it all back, though. The point is the market is moving rapidly. We have taken some big hits and I suggest floating for right now. I see rates rallying. We may not be able to stop the economic waves, but we can learn to surf.

  • Mitch Ohlbaum

    Mitch Ohlbaum

    Loan officer, Macoy Capital Partners, Beverly Hills, California

    The 10-year Treasury is trading at 2.27 percent and likely to fall more even though we normally trend up before a holiday weekend. The Feds are looking for 2-percent-plus on inflation and they just cannot seem to get it. Wage growth is what will drive inflation and we don't have that. Additionally, consumers are choosing to pay down debt and they spent less last month in retail stores. The Fed will be holding the line on rates for a while.

  • Shashank Shekhar

    Shashank Shekhar

    CEO, Arcus Lending Inc., San Jose, California

    Mortgage rates have spiked sharply in recent weeks. It has reached a point where some correction is imminent. It will either be this week or next. Having said that, any improvement in rates will be minor. Don't expect any substantial decline.


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