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Kristin Arnold: Less cash in hand and more money in the tank have American consumers cutting back. asked consumers just how they're coping with higher gas prices.

(Cut to consumer interviews)

Ryan Heck: "Simple things as going to work, I mean, I always want to quit my job now because it's too far out of the way and I'd rather get a job that's closer. So, every single aspect of my life now is around driving and it really is affecting me."

Susan Marzina: "Well, I got a raise at work and it went to the gas tank."

Dorine Peskin: "Actually, the way we spend our money as well. We really look at what we're buying and try to get the best value for what we're buying."

Silvina King: "We're going out buying those store brands, because it seems they're just as good and the price is a lot better."

To save you time and unnecessary driving, check gas prices online at websites like, and ... and utilize your smart phone to map the locations of gas stations as well as monitoring their prices. Choose unbranded gas stations will often save you money per gallon.

If you can, pay in cash. Often the cash price is cheaper than the stations that charge the same price for cash and credit card customers.

Keep in mind that driving out of your way for cheaper gas may not be worth it financially. You can calculate your potential gas saving by using Bankrate's gas calculator.

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Find out if driving to a cheaper gas station will save you money.



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