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Orange juice price rising



"I like to drink orange juice every day, so does my daughter and if there is a recall I would be very concerned about my daughter and I drinking something that wasn't good for us."

Orange juice recall? Not quite yet, but the FDA is testing orange juice that is imported from Brazil for an illegal fungicide called Carbendazim.

This chemical was found when a Coca-cola tested its Minute Maid and Simply Orange juice and alerted the FDA ... no recalls will take place while the test results show up with low levels.

"Either way it's still bad, because it's not eco-friendly. Because it's been imported so it's not like locally grown, so I wouldn't really drink it anyways."

In the meantime the cost of OJ will be going up on speculation of the possible ban on Brazil's citrus products.

Since last week the price went up already 10% ... about 20 cents. If the prices go up even more -- comparing OJ prices is a good way to save.

"I might compare prices inside the supermarket. Consciously the twenty cents wouldn't lead me to search for it, but in the supermarket I might, if its right next to each other, I might."

So far nineteen tests have come back with low amounts of Carbendazim ... they are waiting on fourteen more samples. For I'm Theresa Heintz.



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