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INTRO: Although the Great Recession is over, high unemployment and a stagnant housing market have undermined consumers' financial security. But lately, there seems to be a more positive outlook on how Americans are feeling about their overall financial health and job security. took to the streets to get a sense on how consumers are really feeling about their overall financial health.


"I feel a lot better about the situation; I feel a lot better about where I stand, moneys better, just feel better about things."

"From a business perspective, I think the economy is coming back. I did take a hit last year. This year is definitely much improved."

"I'm as secure now as I was twelve months ago." (You think so? And why is that?)

"Well because I just got my old job back and there's only two of us working in the office so I feel pretty confident that as long as we're in business I'll have my job."

"Pretty good ... yeah. I've seen some increase in my investments. I spent a little money this year, which was, I think good to help the economy. And I see a future right now with my job. I think it's pretty secure for the time being."

"As the economy improves and you have people feeling more confident with their jobs it certainly helps out my business. My clients feel more comfortable then they're going to do more business with me."

"I think it has improved and I think it will continue to get better, yes."

TAG: Every month, puts out their monthly Financial Security Index which gages the way Americans are feeling about their financial health. To read this month's survey results, just visit our website ... I'm Kristin Arnold.

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