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Intro: 2011 has been a wild year with economic stress at an all time high. Americans have been jittery about their job security, savings, investments and overall financial well being. So, is the strain causing people to pay closer attention to their overall financial situation? took to the streets to find out.

Because I am making less than I used to, I am budgeting myself more properly, so I need to check more frequently, to make sure that I am on track.

Now, like every week.

Really. And before?

Probably once every three months.

What made it change?

The country changes so fast so much that I am trying to make the right choices and decisions to make sure I am stable and don't spend too much of a loss.

On an average, if it wasn't for Christmas month, I'd probably do it every month at least. But during Christmas, I check it even more, just to make sure I know where my money is going. To make sure I know my bills are getting paid.

My retirement is standard, I get that every month. My investments, I don't look at no more. They went down too far.

A year ago, I probably spend more money faster. And not really be conscience of what I was doing. And now I am more conscience.

The money like I said is not coming in like it used to so I count pretty much every penny. I am aware of my fees. It is important to me. You have to closer look at what you spend.

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