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Heed these nuggets of paternal advice -- even if you don't buy a home on Father's Day.
Worried about a home-sale tax to pay for health care? That's just an "Obama-scare."
Do you want to be honest with your lender? No? Then maybe you can get a loan mod on a rental.
An expert says housing is on the mend, but full recovery will take time.
An expert looks at the challenges and opportunities in today's housing market.
Many agents handle their own home listings. The reasons aren't entirely mercenary.
The "heritage" pine next door has a tradition of dripping sap on cars. Time for a chainsaw trim?
Who's more American: The guy who flies a noisy flag all night, or his sleep-deprived neighbors?
An uncomfortable talk with the guy next door won't be as messy as a collapsed retaining wall.
Banks offer fractional loans that make it possible to divide ownership of a home.
Buying your first home? You can learn your lessons the hard way, or by reading this.
When you buy a brand-new home, you have to look for what's there -- and what's missing.
You know how wondrous it feels to fall in love? Don't do that with a house. And other tips.
Buying a cheap home near the sea is possible, especially if you have cash and you act fast.
These cities had the biggest home value drops in 2012's second quarter, according to the NAR.
What do you do when you're selling a house next to a preschool, and the buyer's kin is a goon?
In many places, you'll pay more than just three months ago. And what's with prices in Detroit?
Home values have turned a corner, rising in most of the U.S. See the cities with the biggest gains.
Why is the city making a fuss? The unpermitted addition on our rental was made 25 years ago!
Prevent additional home expenses by purchasing protection for repairs on major home features.
There's a whole world of homebuyers out there. First step: Take lots of photos of your casa.
The foreclosure crisis means buyers have to be smart and sellers need to get serious.
Despite dinged credit, former homeowners hit with foreclosure can make good tenants.
Among other things, homebuyers in 2012 want a move-in-ready house.
Homebuyers want to be buyers of homes that are in move-in condition in 2012.
Homebuyers want to be buyers of homes in convenient, handy locations in 2012.
Homebuyers have a hankering for a functional home in 2012. Read about what homebuyers want in 2012 on
Homebuyers want homes with open floor plans in 2012.
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a homebuyer in possession of a purchase contract must be in want of a first-floor bedroom.
Looking for cheap ways to make buyers lust after your home? These are almost free.
Property taxes are appealing only when that means you're fighting them. See how it's done.
Scrap everything you know about the word "escrow," and read this infographic.
These cities had the biggest drops in home value in 2012's first quarter, according to the NAR.
Maybe it's the sandy beaches or the water, but these five cities had soaring home prices.
Buying a house with additions done on the sly? An inspector is the last person to worry about.
You part with a lot of cash when you buy a home. Here are some expenses to tally.
There aren't many inexpensive houses for sale, the Realtors say. But tell that to Detroit.
Does your house feel all empty inside? Here's how to sell a home that's unoccupied.
There are times when home sellers wish they hadn't used their property as a piggy bank.
A real estate transaction comes to a close with a meeting to officially transfer the property.
Comps. Homebuyers and sellers have heard of them. But what, exactly, are comparables?
Is it OK if a homebuyer keeps her relationship with her brother-in-law a secret from her bank?
Shopping online for a home opens up creative possibilities you might have missed.
Knowing how to apartment-hunt on Craigslist isn't classified information. Use these tips.
Make sure buyers notice your house when they look online by following these tips.
Time for the walk-through of your new home, just before closing. Don't do it in a hurry.
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