6 tips to make a case for property tax cut

Hire an appraiser
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Property appraiser

We all feel we should be paying less property tax, but obviously we have our own interest at stake. You need to demonstrate the objectivity of your opinion. And for that, it's best to hire an appraiser. An appraiser is different from a surveyor. The appraiser's role is to estimate the value of the property. Don't rely on free services from online companies that purport to give market values in your area. Assessors have been known to throw them in the trash. The assessed value should be roughly equal to the appraised value. A third-party opinion bolsters your credibility, says Housman.

Appraisers are state-certified and in most areas, they have professional associations you can contact for referrals. The cost is $300 and above. Some homeowners go an extra step and hire an attorney, but before doing so you should balance the legal fees you'll incur against any taxes you'll save.




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