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Twitter travel deals: Snooze, you lose

The results are often too wide. But if you're keen to hunt through some irrelevant results -- and you understand the unique lingo that allows people to communicate in 140-character bursts -- searching Twitter can yield some real bargains.

If you need an incentive to look for that needle in a haystack, Lombardi says some travel vendors issue Twitter-only discount codes that are usually cheaper than other deals they offer.

Ask for advice on Twitter

While searching and following on Twitter can deliver amazing travel deals, many travelers gush over the site's ability to connect them with all kinds of local information. That can include advice on local hotels, tour operators and restaurants. The information can save you money, but it also can help you get value for your dollar no matter what your budget is.

Last summer, travel writer and blogger Ben Reed based in Orlando, Fla., says he ditched his guidebooks on a trip to Victoria Falls in Zambia. Instead, he turned to Twitter because the platform offered more up-to-the-minute details on local attractions and accommodations. But, Reed warns, using Twitter isn't always intuitive.

"You need to know where to look because it's not as simple as sending a tweet, saying, 'I need help with Victoria Falls,'" Reed says. "I discovered that people who talk about Victoria Falls on Twitter use the hashtag #VicFalls at the end of their tweets. So that's what I did."

See a deal? Act fast

No matter how you use Twitter to find that great deal, you have to act fast once you find it. Twitter-only travel deals from airlines, hotels and other vendors are likely to be strong enough to get people talking, but short-lived enough that they won't be available for long.

"If you snooze, you truly lose, especially in the world of travel discounts," Lombardi says. "Discounts can disappear in a flash."

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