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5 ways a sharing economy helps save money

Food sharing
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Need a night off from cooking?

Then food sharing is worth considering. The time-honored way to share food always has been to throw a potluck dinner, but new sites are popping up online that are changing food sharing.

For example, Crowd Kitchen, a free food-sharing site, is one new place to check out. Users can connect with local friends and neighbors to give and receive homemade food items, such as bread or lasagna.

"Most users are mothers who need a night off," says Heather Seeber, co-founder of Crowd Kitchen. Cooking a very large meal to share also saves money because ingredients are bought in bulk.

You also can find food sharers via the site Food Swap Network. Some groups listed there, like the Boston Food Swap, have joined the sharing economy by hosting monthly events.

"Sharing food creates an active community since food is very personal. It's who you are," Seeber says.


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