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4 alternative wedding registries

This has the potential to be tacky, but Farley acknowledges that at least the honeymoon wedding registry has a connection to the wedding event.

Even in times of full disclosure on Facebook and Twitter, Fitter Sloane recommends that couples use discretion and refrain from listing items such as couples' massages that could offend guests. You don't want guests to get the impression that they're paying for a "sexcapade."

Post also recommends setting up only one alternative wedding registry, such as for the honeymoon, and creating a store registry as an option for more traditional guests.

The PayPal registry

Some couples are trying to make it easier by funneling gift contributions through PayPal accounts. Some receive funds for buying a house. Others accept donations for recreational pursuits or business costs.

This wedding registry has the potential to be easily misunderstood by guests, Post warns.

The use of PayPal may cross the line because it doesn't appear to be in the traditional spirit of inviting someone to honor your wedding, Fitter Sloane says. "I think that's offensive," she says.

A wedding registry can border on bizarre, says Hoffman. A PayPal account created for Drue Kataoka & Svetlozar Kazanjiev's August 2009 wedding requested donations to fund a venture capitalist lunch, Red Bull for a week and other costs for Aboomba, their Silicon Valley-based company. On their website, they called it "the world's first startup wedding registry."

Hoffman says the PayPal wedding registry is less likely to be offensive if you are a hip, offbeat couple inviting a small contingent of friends and family who understand your personality and want to be tech savvy with their gift-giving, too.

Still, "that doesn't associate with the reason you're getting married -- the celebration of love and commitment," Hoffman says.


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