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Kid-free mom caves: 5 ideas for a room of your own

A studio for creating
A studio for creating © iStock

A studio for creating

Key elements of a creative room are a comfy chair, good light, a table where you can work, and a place to organize and store supplies, Packham says. "For a creative space, the walls should be a lighter, brighter color to help illuminate the room. Be careful: Bright, bold colors will cast their color shadow onto your work, and dark colors will make your work more difficult to see," she says.

Decide what the space is going to be used for, says Regina Easter, who runs an online crafting business called The Cutting Cafe. If you're a seamstress, you want a large table, ironing board and mini washer and dryer, "maybe even grooves in your table for cutting out the fabric."

If you scrapbook, then have open and closed cabinets for organizing supplies, Easter says. Save all the different items you buy monthly that come in clear jars and bottles: water bottles, dressings, spices. "Even some perfumes you buy come in really pretty jars," she says.


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