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8 eerie ghost towns

Bulowville, Florida
Bulowville, Florida, Population 5,478

Bulowville, Florida

Population: 5,478

Born: Charles Bulow bought almost 4,700 acres in 1821 and established a plantation where he grew sugar cane, cotton, rice and indigo. His son, John, built the area's largest sugar mill out of the hardy local coquina rock.

Died: John Bulow's alliance with the Seminole Indians was fractured when the United States tried to force the Seminoles to move west of the Mississippi River. This attempt at ethnic cleansing started the Second Seminole War. In an 1836 skirmish during the war, Seminoles burned Bulow's plantation and mill, and they most likely freed his slaves.

It lives on: Now called Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park, the coquina-block ruins still stand amid live oak trees and not far from housing developments. The entrance fee is $4 per single-occupant vehicle; $5 for two occupants; and up to $10 total for eight occupants.


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