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Bette Midler had it right when she sang "You got to have friends."

But hiring managers won't view flocks of Facebook acquaintances or legions of Twitter followers as signs of technical prowess.

The truth is, technology today -- whether we're talking tablets and apps or cloud computing -- is light-years advanced from just a few years back. Right or wrong, being an age that could be mistaken for a speed limit may provoke skepticism that your skills aren't up to 4G speed.

"There's a stereotype that older people are not as comfortable with technology," says Melanie Holmes, vice president of World of Work Solutions North America at Manpower, an employment services company.

If the stereotype happens to apply, however, you need to get moving -- fast. Computer training courses are widely available, and often are free. Your local library or college may offer instruction on spreadsheet programs like Excel or multimedia presentation programs like PowerPoint. Computer stores frequently have tutorials as well.




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