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Think twice when dealing with daily deals

The deal is too good to be true
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Some deals defy logic.

"Sometimes the urgency of the deal or the discount of the deal affects our mental accounting," says Gary Belsky, co-author of "Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes … And How to Correct Them."

But if you think about it, how can a hair salon organize all the employees involved to provide a one-color process, a haircut, a manicure and pedicure, and a brow wax for just $50 -- and do a great job? How can a handyman service really come out to your house and fix "anything" for just $50? This is how a great-seeming deal can turn out to be money wasted.

So think it through thoroughly and wait until you approach the end of the deal deadline before clicking that "buy" button, says Belsky.




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