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Entertainment and clothing:

Students can get the royal treatment at many restaurants, clothing stores and movie theaters. All they have to do is ask.

Hundreds of retailers will hand over discounts at the sight of a valid student ID card from a middle school, high school or college, but some "don't advertise the discounts they offer students in fear it may devalue their brand," says Unal. "Getting a deal can be as easy as saying 'I heard you provide a student discount,'" and showing a student ID card.

Plenty of movie theaters and museums have student rates that slash the ticket price in half, and stores such as Macy's, Target and Urban Outfitters provide a student discount of up to 20 percent. StudentRate and Globe Student Discount provide information on some of these retailers to get what Shepard calls the "fun discounts."

Some retailers even come to students with deals. Similar in style to LivingSocial, university-focused group-buying websites such as offer deals where students can pay $10 for $25 worth of textbook rentals or $15 for $30 worth of shoes.

Choose the method that works for you, and your student status will save you money.

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