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Software and textbooks:

While most computers, travel and lifestyle items will be about 10 percent off retail price, software is often available for up to 80 percent off.

Websites such as Globe Student Discount, StudentRate and Journey Ed offer information about the latest deals, and will often throw in extra discounts, bundled software or cash-back incentives. But students can still get these deals in stores and at vendors' websites. For example, Adobe's Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium retails for about $1,900. But on the Adobe website, students and teachers can purchase it for just $449.

Some high schools and universities require students to download software and read textbooks and class materials on e-readers such as the Kindle or iPad -- and software providers are responding accordingly.

"The biggest area we're finding students can save a lot of money on is textbooks," says David Levy, financial aid director for Scripps College in Claremont, Calif. "There are a lot of good websites out there, and the hot thing out there is e-textbooks."

On, students can rent electronic versions of textbooks for the Kindle, and the iPad's iBooks app allows students to use the tablet as a textbook. Amazon also offers "Student Prime" for college students. It includes free two-day shipping on almost any product for six months and deals on dozens of school-related items.

For students who must bear the weight of textbooks and their costs, dozens of websites offer frugal options. lets students rent textbooks for a semester or less, and on and, students can buy new and old textbooks for low prices.

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