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'South Park's' Parker & Stone talk success

Comedy Central's "South Park" is rude, crude and one of the most successful series in TV history, having just begun its 15th season. And if that's not impressive enough, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are also kings of Broadway. Their hit show, "The Book of Mormon," won nine 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Parker and Stone spoke to Bankrate about the before and after of success.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Matt StoneMatt Stone, photo by Michael Yarish
Once you got your first big contract, did you splurge on anything special?

Trey Parker: It's funny, because when we got these checks for $20,000 or whatever for the first run of "South Park," we were like, "We made it. We're done," because we had been living for several years on nothing. So I went out and bought a convertible Toyota Celica, and I was like, "I'm a bada-- motherf-----r."

Matt Stone: I bought a red 4Runner -- not new, but it was only two years old, and I'm like, "It's pretty new. I have a pretty new car." The car I had before that I sold for $400.

Bankrate: And then when you started getting really big contracts ...

Trey Parker: It seemed to come really slowly.

Matt Stone: I bought my mom and dad a car. I did that whole thing -- I showed up at the house.

Bankrate: What did you get them?

Matt Stone: A Subaru. My parents lived in Colorado, and they would use a Subaru.





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