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'South Park's' Parker & Stone talk success

Comedy Central's "South Park" is rude, crude and one of the most successful series in TV history, having just begun its 15th season. And if that's not impressive enough, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are also kings of Broadway. Their hit show, "The Book of Mormon," won nine 2011 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. Parker and Stone spoke to Bankrate about the before and after of success.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Trey ParkerTrey Parker, photo by Michael Yarish
Given that you became successful pretty young, did you ever have actual jobs?

Trey Parker: I was a cook at Pizza Hut for, like, a year and a half.

Matt Stone: "South Park" wasn't our job till we were 25, 26 (years old).

Trey Parker: We worked odd jobs. At The University of Colorado, I worked at the film desk, renting out equipment and stuff.

Matt Stone: I worked in restaurants. I did a lot of landscaping and house painting. Then, when we moved to L.A., we did some PA (production assistant) work.

Trey Parker: We'd get little odd jobs to work on this shoot, or this video, or whatever. We weren't living well, that's for sure.





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