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Signs your spouse may be ripping you off

The day-trader who gambled his marriage
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The sneak: Jim is a loving husband, a great dad and a respected doctor. But unbeknown to his wife, Diane, he's also a closet online trader. When she discovered how much money he'd lost, she showed him a little market volatility of her own.

The reason: Successful people often wind up that way by taking risks and overcoming challenges. Little wonder that, once successful, they may search out hobbies that satisfy their thirst for adventure. Jim's major misstep was keeping his a secret from Diane.

The fix: Don't change Jim, just constrain him. "The way we solved it was to have him open up a checking account, and he got an amount of money from their monthly cash flow," says Hayden. "He could do anything he wanted with it as long as it wasn't illegal. If he loses it all, the family is still fine. I knew if he didn't do that, he would start trading again on the side."

What about Diane? "She got the same amount of money to do whatever she wanted," Hayden says. "And because he had put them on such a roller coaster, I think she's hoarding it."




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