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NASA reveals truth about cash in space

Bank Shots: So Gayle, do astronauts carry the right stuff into space?

Gayle: No, they don't take money with them. What would they use it for?

Bank Shots: I dunno. Space bets, maybe? Are they allowed to carry a wad into orbit?

Gayle: I would imagine they could if they wanted because they are allowed to take personal items with them. They have a ton of pockets on their flight suits, if they wear them; sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Bank Shots: Whoa, WTMI! This is a family site.

Gayle: They are allowed to take a certain amount of personal items by weight. Sometimes they take pictures of their kids, for instance. They are not prohibited from taking money. I guess they just think it's a waste of time.

Bank Shots: Would they take space money, do you think? Like a QUID? It's specifically designed for interstellar travel.

Gayle: Is it different from other money?

Bank Shots: Well, it's roundish. They're plastic oblongs of different colors.

Gayle: I think someone is trying to make some money. Where would you spend money in space? Even on the space station, they don't have any vending machines.

I couldn't argue with that logic.

Still, for as much money as we spend to get them up there, it doesn't seem right to send our astronauts into space without cab fare.

Come on, NASA. Issue our orbiters some space QUIDs.

At least give them enough to buy a Milky Way.

Veteran Bankrate contributing editor Jay MacDonald lives in Austin, Texas. If you have a comment or suggestion about this column, write to Bank Shots.


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