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Money Q&A with Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe's new memoir, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends," is most impressive for its account of Lowe's prestigious lifelong cadre of friends. Over the course of a career that has taken him from the Brat Pack to "The West Wing," and now to one of the funniest shows on television, NBC's "Parks and Recreation," Lowe has partied with stars from Andy Warhol to Charlie Sheen, and his memoir spares none of the dirty details.

Rob Lowe
Rob LowePhoto by PR Photos
Once you became successful, what were some of the things you started to splurge on?

I wanted to have the most excitement I could, so a lot of it was travel and also music. If there was any great music around, I wanted to go to those places and see those bands. If you gave any 22-year-old guy a nice bank account, what would they do? That's probably what I did. Then, I also explored my passions, public service and things like that. I was very involved in political causes -- campaigning, being on the road, meeting people and being an advocate.

Where did you travel?

I spent a lot of time in Europe. I loved Paris, Italy, London. I love the water, so Hawaii.




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