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Attitude, adaptability and aptitude
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Attitude, adaptability, aptitude

With unemployment numbers still high, competition for holiday work is stiff. Start early and take the process as seriously as you would for a full-time job, Kast says. "Recent surveys consistently list attitude as the best attribute of a seasonal worker," she says. "Be outgoing, offer solutions and provide examples of how you would handle stress during the Christmas rush."

For a better chance at getting the job you want, be flexible about the hours and shifts you're willing to work. "If you really want a seasonal job, be willing to work the shifts that may be less attractive to other applicants," Moose says. "For example, UPS (is) in full hiring mode, and the positions that they need help with are often for the overnight hours."

It can also be helpful to apply for seasonal jobs for which you are uniquely qualified. "If you are a knowledgeable technical person, apply to stores that sell technical merchandise like Best Buy and RadioShack; if you've waited tables in the past, apply at restaurants that are looking for extra help," says career coach Bettina Seidman of Seidbet Associates. "If you can tie the seasonal employment to a long-term career goal, that's a good connection too; (it will be) easier to get the job and useful on the resume."




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