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Hot Halloween costumes for 2010

Men: GTL ... H?
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Men: GTL ... H?

A lot of men are going to the old standbys this Halloween, according to the NRF survey. Some of the most popular costumes include vampires, pirates, zombies, professional athletes, doctors, police officers and clowns.

Pop culture is also having a big influence on men's costumes. Some superhero costumes are very popular, such as Batman and Superman. Men are also dressing up as characters from " Alice in Wonderland" and the "Star Wars" movies.

Dwivedi thinks that some of the big hits this year for men will be The Situation or Pauly D from "Jersey Shore," so get ready for gym, tan, laundry. A lot of men will also be dressing up as Mario or Luigi from the Mario Brothers video games. "Iron Man 2" costumes are also popular.

Naika Cadet, sales associate at Abracadabra in New York, is seeing a lot of men buy superhero costumes and scary costumes like Freddy Kreuger or Jason from the "Friday the 13th" movies.

"Avatar" costumes are popular at Hollywood Toys & Costumes in Los Angeles, say Steve Elowitz, store manager.




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