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Don't stand by as devices sap standby power

Kitchen appliances can be a power drain
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When your kids are in a rush and leave the microwave door open, it will cost you. A microwave not in use with the door closed costs about $3 per year. Leave the door open and the cost goes up to almost $26 per year, Kielich says. Your idle coffee maker is a comparative bargain at $1.10 per year.

To save money overall, take a practical approach to appliances, Kielich says. Don't keep unplugging something you use often because the cord can fray and pose a safety hazard.

"If you can, turn off the device," she says. "If you're not using it except on weekends, turn it off or unplug it during the week.

"If you go around your house, you'll realize there are quite a few things plugged in that you're not using. If you want to help yourself out and save money, just unplug them," Kielich says.

Other standby power drainers and their estimated annual costs include: stereo receiver, almost $38 per year when on but not playing; TV set-top box DVR, about $37 per year when not recording or off; DVD/VCR, $13.50 per year when on and not playing; VCR, almost $8 per year when on and not playing and almost $5 per year when off; and CD players, almost $9 per year when on and not playing, Kielich says.




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