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Don't stand by as devices sap standby power

Put your computer to bed at night
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Your computer is another power gulper, even when you're taking a coffee break. A desktop computer consumes almost $74 per year in electricity when on and idle, Kielich says. A notebook computer uses almost $44 per year if it's on and charging and almost $30 per year if it's completely charged but still on.

Save first by going to sleep mode. Your desktop uses just $21 per year in sleep mode. A notebook computer uses almost $16 per year in sleep mode, Kielich says.

For even more savings, turn your computer off using a power strip if necessary. In the off mode, your notebook consumes almost $9 per year in electricity and a desktop computer takes dainty sips of electricity -- just $3 per year, Kielich says.

If you're likely to forget to turn it off, program your computer so that it shuts down 15 minutes after you stop using it to conserve on standby power, Burt says.




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