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College football bowl reflects times

The jury is still out on the Brut Sun Bowl. Real guys don't acknowledge self-fragrance. Ever.

But the return on investment becomes less clear when the products stray from man land.

Despite their mind-numbing repetition by sportscasters and commentators, the Sugar Bowl has not become the "Allstate Sugar Bowl" and the Rose Bowl has not become the "Rose Bowl Game presented by Citi," at least not outside of the broadcast booth.

Why? Because we don't want to be reminded of our financial responsibilities while watching the game.

We're on that big-screen field during game time, not sitting around a plush corporate office pleasantly smiling through an ear-beating from some insurance agent or financial adviser. I mean, it's third and long with a five-man rush! My 401(k) can wait!

All sponsors hope that once the holiday pigskin rituals are over and the face paint and giant sponge fingers have been retired for another year, we will think fondly of them for having made this temporary madness possible.

And indeed we will -- as long as they're not paying the bill with TARP bucks.

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