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Are you and your mate a money match?

Beware of the big spender
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Is she a really, really big spender? It's important that the cost of the gift your date gives you matches what you know about his or her income, says Mindy Sitton-Halleck, a Seattle-based real estate agent and a contributor to the blog Romance & Money.

"If you've been together for a little while and you're having a candlelight dinner, I would take a careful look at what the other person brings to the table," Sitton-Halleck says. "If she buys you a Rolex, that would suggest she may not make good choices with her money, not to mention that she might be desperate. Or if he gives you three dozen roses instead of a single stem, that's a big red flag. When someone is being a really flashy spender, that to me is a big neon sign warning you to be careful. You want the man who brings the less expensive bouquet."

Sitton-Halleck acknowledges that being level-headed when someone is trying to impress you is not easy.

"We all want to be swept off our feet by Prince Charming, but you have to ask, does the Prince really own that horse he came in on, or is he just leasing?"




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