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6 travel scams to avoid on your next trip

Bus No. 64 sting
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The bus 64 sting

How it works: In Rome, city bus No. 64 travels by many of the historic tourist attractions, so taking it is like going on a tour bus for the price of a city bus, says Orwoll. Pickpockets -- usually working in threes -- scope out the scene, looking for people putting wallets in pockets or cameras on seats. Then, while one causes a disturbance in the back of the bus, the others steal your small valuables. The con men exit the bus as quickly as possible.

Where it happens: Rome.

What you can do: Never keep your wallet in a front or back pocket. Instead, use a money belt or a travel wallet that hangs around your neck under your clothing. Secure your property in your lap or between your legs.




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