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6 tips for a successful yard sale

Price items to sell
Lower your benefit

Leist and Thomas agree the main goal is to get rid of stuff.

"You're not doing this to make a ton of money," says Leist.

So if you're looking to get half of what you originally paid for something, go on eBay or Craigslist, according to Leist.

Charging admission to the sale can generate more cash, Thomas says. For instance, each person pays $10 to get in and gets everything they can fit into two grocery bags. Or, if you have a lot of kid's stuff, charge $1 for everything a kid can fit in a Ziploc bag.

Thomas also recommends pricing items in sections -- a $1 section, $5 section, $10 section and so on.

At the end of the day, put whatever's left on the curb with a sign telling people to take what they want, Thomas says. Or, conduct a leftover raffle and charge $1 per ticket. Then, allow each winner to take five or 10 items of his or her choice.


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